Global Softel is a fast-growing, full-service outsourcing company that provides IT and software development, lead generation, 24/7 customer service, business development, telephone, and call center dialer technology. We are founded under two US based companies’ (Voice Pro, LLC and Credit Master, LLC) platform with the goal of providing our clients with a one-stop-shop for all their needs. Global Softel offers its customers both offshore and onshore service options so they can decide what works best for them. Our team is made up of experts from around the world who have been working together for years giving us a competitive edge over other companies in this industry.

We know that when it comes down to technology and system updates or repairs our clients' needs vary greatly - which is why we offer customization options for every budget! We're not just about fixing problems; at Global Softel, LLC, innovation has always played an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing innovative solutions tailored specifically around their unique situation while still meeting company standards of quality workmanship with affordable prices to boot!. You won't find better service anywhere else than here where everyone involved (from management all way up) understands how much reliance people place upon both hardware/software assets within today’s information age society as well. At the same time, we provide 24/7 appointment sitting, financial consulting, sales, and customer service to US based companies to reduce their overhead expenses and increase the bottom-line profit margin. Where our US based client needs help on business development or financial help, we are the best reputable company to support.

Our team of experts can manage your all types of services and provide a wide range of outsourcing solutions to suit your needs.

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Our mission

We aim to create innovative solutions for our clients through cross-border collaboration while maintaining high standards of quality and ethical conduct.

high quality

Our vision

We focus on becoming the most trusted outsourcing IT company across industries with an international presence spanning more than 10 countries.

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We provide IT consulting services for businesses. We work with you to understand what your business needs are, so we can find the IT solution which is perfect for you!

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